Whether you are an adventure and outdoors activity buff, high Himalayan adventures such as mountain biking and trekking and other outdoor adventures already mentioned, or are a follower of Yoga and Spirituality, or just someone who seeks improvement lifestyle and wellness health programs, Spashram RiverMountain is the place for you!

If you are a young family (in mind or body!) - For couples with young children above 5 years, Spashram offers a unique setting as it has safe zones and yet lots of opportunities for adventure and excitement. These may include simply going by raft across river, a hike, a rapell on the rock face or playing by the beach. Machaan nights as already mentioned and recording jungle sounds is another educative and exciting activity.

For couples & individuals - A Quiet Weekend Getaway, literally beside the river meandering at a welcome pace by your very own private beach. Or choose from a select range of activity options to pursue.

If you are a corporate group client - With our vast experience at experiential programs for Vice President and Senior Management level, we can work with your HR manager to set up a focused program, which includes The Motivational Weekender: An action based Outdoor Management Teamwork Program, for your corporate executives, who you want to build into a team & identify emerging leadership.

For CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Programs - We have unique and innovative programs such as Helping Hands in the Himalaya which is a medi-voluntourism program. You may write in for details if this is an area of interest.

Children - We can organize expeditions, rock climbing, Burma Bridge, rappelling and other activities for children aged 5-15 and those adults game for it. We do not have nanny services for younger children.

The Beach - The camp has a small but great beach and there will be a bonfire each evening using drift wood only. Yoga is also performed on the beach in the mornings when not being conducted on one of the meditative platforms around the site.

The Food & Outdoor (Al-Fresco) Dining - At Spashram we go the extra mile to source local, seasonal and organically grown produce which is free of any pesticides. This has been very well received by our visitors. The Kitchen also has a tandoor for baking homemade bread and serving it hot!


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