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Commencing February 2015 TigerPaws begins a series of new trips in the Indian Sub Continent. The Road from Mandalay (Myanmar-Burma) into Imphal and onto Kohima, commemorating the Stilwell Road and Battles of Imphal and Kohima, in India’s North East

We begin with inviting you on a unique Limited edition journey on which a few select participants have already subscribed and which has openings for a few more.




Aoling Festival: The Konyak Nagas celebrate the arrival of spring with their festival, Aoling. This festival stretches for six days and is held in the first week of April. This is also the Konyak New Year. During Aoling, the Konyaks perform different rituals like animal sacrifices, agriculture related activities, dancing and feasting and also one day is kept for cleaning the houses and the village.

Imphal (Manipur) is a cultural capital of North East India. We arrange special cultural performance by Meities and other local tribes. We get this Manipuri Cultural Extravaganza specially arranged for you to showcase the finer aspects of this culture... and you should find it very interesting. After the cultural show, a photographic session with the artists dressed in their special artistic costumes is also arranged for you.

In Kohima itself, whilst visiting the Hornbill Village, we would be able to see typical village huts of all 16 Naga tribes living in Nagaland and border areas. We get a good idea as to how they all live. Their staple food is rice, generally cooked with meat or vegetables. They are fond of beef, pork, chicken, dogs, cats almost any living thing! Chillies are used in good quantity; milk is only now becoming popular. Rice Beer is produced locally and drunk by everyone. Salt is only now available.

Naga villages were built on hilltops, a defensive strategy against inter village rivalries, and are fortified with stonewalls, bamboo spikes and wooden gates. The ‘village always came first’ and the society was so organised that the basic requirements of food, clothing and shelter are guaranteed to all the members. There are no absentee landlords, and no class of landless peasants.

Includes: This Itinerary is covered by Air/Road. Trip Commences Delhi. Flts Delhi-Imphal/Kolkata-Imphal/Kolkata-Dimapur/Dibrugarh-Delhi. Surface (Motor) by air con chauffeured vehicle with travel guide.


Some of the special trips we conducting for our international audience on the Indian Sub Continent in 2015 are shown below; those interested may please enquire for alternative dates:

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