The Dining Experience at Spashram RiverMountain Retreat

The dining experience at Spashram RiverMountain Retreat is a unique admixture of Glamping, and fine dining with international and Indian fare both vegetarian and non vegetarian as well as holistic ayurvedic vegetarian planned diets including custom planned to individual body metabolism type for those who want it .

In addition to the large, spacious and cosy Leopard Tent which doubles up as a lecture room, there is the Tea Tent which is set in a grove close to the river and beach.

Evening or morning tea can also be brought to other locations where you may wish whether overlooking the river from the Honeymoon Cliffhanger Cottage or the Yoga Bluff.

Evening BBQ’s veg and non veg are occasionally put out on the terrace or beach or sand bank or near the big rock.

When there is just a couple, they have an option of dining on BAR Stools and a counter, inside the kitchen itself.

We try and source seasonal fruit and vegetable produce that is available onsite o from very close by from one of the villages. We have back end sheds for goats and cows tended to by local farmers for fresh milk and cheese.

We try and source products that have a minimum amount of non degradable packaging to reduce such waste and carry back all such beyond our own nearest municipal dumps. We compost food and vegetable waste as well.

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